Top 7 Benefits Of White Turmeric For Skin And Health

Benefits Of White Turmeric For Skin

As is common knowledge, turmeric (Haldi) and wild turmeric have several uses as traditional medicines. In India and several regions of southeast Asia, it is used to give curries and vegetables a vivid yellow color. However, turmeric is also well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which are wonderful for your health, skin, and body. Aside from that, are you familiar with the several varieties of turmeric used in India? Do you know anything about benefits of White Turmeric for skin whitening?

We understand that learning that there is an additional beneficial ingredient known as White Turmeric for Skin, also known as Zedoary, an ancient spice that is uncommon in India, in addition to the popular turmeric (Haldi), may come as a surprise to you. It has frequently been mistaken for ginger because of its presence.

You must all be thinking, "What are the benefits of White Turmeric for skin?" now. What benefits does white turmeric have? How can white turmeric for skin whitening be used on the face? Does wet or wild turmeric, as well as white turmeric for skin whitening, provide the same skin benefits? with a ton more. To your inquiries, the answer is that it is the same as turmeric but has distinct requirements! For more information, keep reading.

What is White Turmeric?

White turmeric is a rhizome with brown skin and a solid, bright orange interior. Its scientific name is Curcuma Zedoaria. Although it is indigenous to Indonesia, the white turmeric plant has also been grown in Europe, India, and the US. White turmeric is referred to as Amba Haldi in Hindi in India even though it belongs to the turmeric species and has a mango and turmeric scent. It often has a gray exterior and a yellow to gray-white interior and is marketed as a powder, dried, or sliced form. Many folks substitute ginger for white turmeric because it resembles ginger more. It has a lighter flesh color and a flavor reminiscent of ginger with a bitter aftertaste.

7 Benefits of White Turmeric for Skin and Health?

White turmeric, also known as Poolankilangu, Kachur, and Zedoary, offers wonderful medical applications and health benefits. It is frequently employed to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne. White turmeric tea is advantageous to diabetic people since it controls blood sugar levels in addition to its medicinal and skincare benefits. Additionally, it possesses anti-cancer qualities. The rhizome (roots), though the entire plant can be used medicinally, is very useful.

Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties

  • Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties
    White turmeric reduces inflammation as soon as regular turmeric. Use the root's water extract, which is made by boiling the dry root in water, or use it topically to treat inflammation. White turmeric for skin has potent antibacterial qualities that heal all skin issues, including acne. It can be applied as a face masks or bath powder to cure all of your skin issues.

Anti-allergic Properties

  • Anti-allergic Properties
    White turmeric's anti-allergic qualities are another application in medicine. Regularly drinking white turmeric tea can help prevent allergies. It also provides immediate allergy relief. The anti-allergy compounds curcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin are present in white turmeric.

Anti-cancer Properties

  • Anti-cancer Properties
    Cancer patients have long utilized white turmeric as a therapy. Its anti-cancer qualities are due to the presence of curcuzoalide. White turmeric water extract is excellent in preventing cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

Larvicidal Properties

  • Larvicidal Properties
    Every plant in the Zingiberaceae family possesses larvicidal qualities. An insecticide called larvicide is applied both inside and outside the home to keep mosquitoes away. Where mosquito larvae can develop into adults, they kill them. White turmeric essential oil for skin acts as a natural insect repellent. To repel mosquitoes, combine this oil with your regular bug spray.

Skin Healing Properties

  • Skin Healing Properties
    White turmeric for skin is a fantastic ingredient for the skin, just like turmeric or wild turmeric powder. It can treat all skin issues, including acne, dark spots, and premature aging, when used regularly. For quick healing, you can simply apply white turmeric skin to cuts and scrapes. Make your own face mask to stave off acne and the beginnings of aging.

Skin Beneficial

  • Skin Beneficial
    Yellow turmeric, sometimes known as white turmeric or white haldi, is seen as advantageous. You are protected from problems with your body, skin, hair, and health thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

White Turmeric Skin Care

  • White Turmeric Skin Care
    White turmeric lowers the appearance of early signs of aging such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and blemishes and helps with the healing and prevention of acne.

How to Use White Turmeric (Curcuma Zedoaria)?

Traditional medicine makes use of the herb Curcuma zedoaria. There isn't much information on dosage, although dried roots in amounts of 1-4g are generally harmless. But the flavor of these roots is harsh. Fresh roots are utilized in meals and pickles straight in India. In several cuisines, the powder is used as a thickening. In Indonesia, dried roots are either consumed directly or ground into a powder and added to recipes. For pain relief, the rhizome paste is used topically. Aromatherapy and digestive assistance both make use of essential oils.


All the benefits of  using white turmeric for skin whitening and health, as well as its application, have been covered above. The component white turmeric is particularly good for the skin. It possesses ayurvedic qualities that aid in the treatment of skin issues like acne, allergies, and insect bites, among others. It assists in protecting you from a variety of skin, hair, and health problems. Traditional medicine uses white turmeric for skin whitening, and its essential oil is utilized in aromatherapy and as a digestive aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does white turmeric brighten skin?

White turmeric can indeed lighten skin. It can improve uneven skin tone and help you regain your natural radiance. Your skin will look brighter and more even in tone as a result, helping to improve the complexion of your skin.

Can we apply white turmeric on the face?

White turmeric for skin has potent antibacterial qualities that heal all skin issues, including acne. It can be applied as a face mask or bath powder to cure all of your skin issues.

Can I use white turmeric on my face every day?

Regular usage of white turmeric is fantastic for skin care and effectively treats practically all skin issues. Applying a poultice of white turmeric will hasten the healing of small cuts and scrapes. Use a white turmeric face pack every day for a few days to cure and prevent acne.

What is white turmeric used for?

To treat digestive issues, namely in the gastrointestinal tract, white turmeric can be used. Additionally, it might help with indigestion, bowel irregularities, gas, etc. White turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities that aid persons with arthritis, in particular, reducing inflammation.

Is yellow or white turmeric better?

Amba Haldi, or white turmeric, is more vivid and bitter-tasting than yellow turmeric. However, one of its key advantages is that it discolors far less than yellow turmeric.

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