Vitamin E

Vitamin E acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin that reduces inflammation, redness, swelling and prevents damage from UV rays.

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Antioxidant vitamin vitamin E guards against harm to skin cells. It is created by the body spontaneously through sebum. The skin naturally produces sebum, an oil, to maintain moisture levels and prevent pollutants from infiltrating the skin. However, as we age, sebum production decreases. This implies that we have less naturally occurring vitamin E to maintain healthy, protected skin.

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Given that humans require vitamins and minerals to sustain our health and wellness, the requirement for vitamin E is not surprising. Vitamin E is essential to our overall health, supporting everything from our skin to our circulatory systems. It's a nutrient-rich food that benefits us much even when we eat it every day. There are numerous more advantages it can offer when added as a primary or supplementary ingredient to skincare products and healthcare supplements.

What is vitamin E and how does it help your skin?

A fat-soluble vitamin known as vitamin E serves as an antioxidant and aids in preventing cell damage throughout your body. Our sebum (skin oil), which functions as a natural barrier to preserve moisture in your skin, contains it. Thus, the face and other oilier skin areas have higher vitamin E concentrations. Additionally, as those with oily skin produce more sebum, their skin also contains more vitamin E.

Sebum production naturally decreases with age, just like vitamin E levels do. Furthermore, ultraviolet light (UV) sources, such as:

  • Sunlight.
  • Tanning beds.
  • Some fluorescent, halogen and incandescent light bulbs.

Benefits of Organic Kitchen’s Vitamin E Products to your Skin

Vitamin E for skin may do wonders, from calming your skin to creating a barrier of protection to reducing the appearance of flaws. Here are the top 10 advantages of vitamin E products:

  • It protects - Skin protection from pollutants and environmental stressors is made possible by vitamin E.
  • It reduces the effects of ageing - When it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing that young glow, vitamin E does wonders.
  • Moisturizes skin - Vitamin E keeps skin hydrated and enables moisture retention, preserving its health over time.
  • It can help dark areas appear less visible - The appearance of sunspots and other blemishes and markings is lessened with vitamin E.
  • It makes skin softer - Skin becomes supple and baby-smooth with the aid of vitamin E.
  • The texture of the skin may be improved - Skin can benefit from vitamin E by becoming softer and more elastic.
  • It makes skin stronger - Long-term skin strength is maintained by vitamin E, which increases skin toughness.
  • Stressors from the environment are fought - Vitamin E resists environmental stresses that can hasten ageing because it is an antioxidant.
  • It soothes skin - Vitamin E can reduce transient redness and calm the skin. It may lessen irritability.
  • It is derived from plant-based materials - Since soybean oil is the primary source of vitamin E, it is suitable for vegans.

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Vitamin E Sleeping Face Mask - Our hydrating, light gel-cream vitamin E sleeping mask aids in providing the skin with the ideal amount of moisture. This Vitamin C Citrus Glow Sleeping Mask from Organic Kitchen also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for protection. Use it as a component of your customised skincare regimen. Use our aggressively brightening vitamin E sleeping mask to wake up with radiant skin every morning.

Vitamin E Eye Cream - Your eyes will feel exquisitely caressed after using this vitamin E eye cream that is moisturising and refreshing. Unlike the skin on the rest of your body, the skin around your eyes does not naturally produce oil. To hydrate the dry skin around your eyes, use this organic kitchen coffee bean under eye cream with vitamin E. It also aids in minimising the appearance of fine wrinkles and other ageing symptoms.

Vitamin E Face Cleanser - The Organic Kitchen Vitamin C + Saffron Face Cleanser fights against premature ageing by promoting collagen formation in the skin and preventing oxidative damage. This vitamin E cleanser improves the texture of the skin and gives it a healthy glow. With this facial cleanser, you can completely protect your skin from UV damage while removing filth from it.

Vitamin E Face Moisturizer - Your skin is kept balanced and hydrated throughout the day by this Organic Kitchen Triple C Revive + Glow Gel Moisturizer with Vitamin E. Delivering precisely the correct amount of moisture without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling, this lightweight product is incredibly nourishing and quick to absorb. This face moisturiser with vitamin E is a reliable antioxidant that fortifies and protects the skin from outside aggressors.

Vitamin E Face Serum - With Organic Kitchen Beetroot Vitamin E Repair and Renew Serum, you can soothe your skin's weary, dry, and irritated appearance. Your skin problems will be resolved at their source with the help of this face serum. This lightweight, quickly absorbing vitamin E serum fights the visible indications of ageing by promoting skin suppleness and evens out uneven skin tone.

Vitamin E Face Oil - The Natural Kitchen A special blend of Vitamin E and jojoba oil called Vitamin C Turmeric Glow Recharge Face Oil helps correct uneven skin tone and restore the skin's natural glow. This vitamin E face oil controls sebum production, protects skin naturally from sun damage, and gives your face a bright glow.

How should you use Vitamin E for Skin?

You can apply pure vitamin E oil to your face or use a product that has the substance in it to use vitamin E on skin in one of two distinct methods. The greatest bet for those looking to incorporate the chemical into their routine may be products that contain vitamin E. The majority of vitamin E-containing goods are considered to have 1% or less of the antioxidant.

Your skin type can influence whether you should go for vitamin E oil, cream, or serum even if you are unsure of your optimum skin-care regimen. Most skin types can benefit from the chemical, which has also been shown to help some people with eczema.

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List of Organic Kitchen’s Best Vitamin E Skincare Products in India

List of Vitamin E Products


Citrus Glow Vitamin C Sleeping Mask

₹ 850.00

Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

₹ 945.00

Banana Brightening Eye Cream

₹ 755.00

Daily Radiance Coffee Vanilla Gel Cream

₹ 759.00

Vitamin C + Saffron Face Cleanser

₹ 378.00

Ultra Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil

₹ 902.00

Fresh Green Veggies Brightening Night Cream

₹ 711.00

Vitamin C & Turmeric Glow Recharge Face Oil

₹ 835.00

Coffee Bean Under Eye Cream

₹ 755.00

Beetroot Vitamin E Repair and Renew Serum

₹ 901.00