About Us

“We started Organic Kitchen because we were tired of putting harmful chemicals on our skin. Our skin needs more healthy nutrition and less chemicals..” 

For women, by women

Organic Kitchen was started by the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo Niti Gupta and Nitika Aggarwal and aims to deliver skin care benefits with formulations based on organic fruits and vegetables. We believe that everything that’s healthy to eat is also healthy for your skin.

We also believe that science has made huge advancements in organic skincare over the past decade. Mrs. Niti Gupta has over 6 years of experience in developing skincare products and put those skills to good use while creating formulations for Organic Kitchen. 


  • The core challenge that Organic Kitchen intends to solve is premature aging of the skin due to rising pollution and stress levels in today's life. This situation is further worsened by popular, chemicals-derived skincare products that may provide short-term benefits but do not support the long-term health of your skin.
  • The other big challenge is that many organic products that are available in the market today fail to deliver desired results. Due to a lack of clinical testing and standards for efficacy & safety, many so-called organic products leave you dissatisfied and feeling cheated.
  • The final challenge is that no beauty brand has been able to successfully cater to the skincare needs of people with sensitive skin type in India.

Organic Kitchen aims to address all these challenges by creating products that work and are also good for you in the long and short terms. 

Origins of Organic Kitchen 

After trying many beauty care options, we realized there was no brand that provided short-term benefits without compromising on long-term skin health — so we knew we had to create one. 

With that, came the desire to help other women looking for natural but effective alternatives to synthetic and chemicals-derived beauty products. 

We had been using homemade recipes for skin care (like yogurt for moisturizing skin) for quite some time and were aware of the benefits of bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables. 

So we decided to put our experience and ambition together and started working on developing a skincare brand that would cater to our needs and thousands of other women like us. 

Science-backed, amazingly effective

It took us about 2 years to develop the entire product line — 

  • We studied the benefits of natural ingredients and learned to identify the most potent parts of fruits and vegetables.
  • We used advanced technology to obtain nutrient-dense extracts and paired them with clinical activities to develop all-around organic products that we could trust for all our skincare needs and that of our families.
  • After rigorous testing and validation, we finalized our organic skincare products that work and are good for your skin health! 

Organic Kitchen is for all the women who want the most premium organic skincare products. We believe in breaking down beauty boundaries, shattering stereotypes & being kind. We believe in delivering highly effective products that provide results.

It’s not too late to get started with healthy skincare. If you are someone who wants to restore their skin health, add Organic Kitchen to your shelf today.