Vitamin C

This powerful skin-brightening active ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and hyperpigmentation to give your skin an instant glow.

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We cannot live without the skincare ingredient vitamin C. With several advantages for all skin types, this potent natural antioxidant is a skincare powerhouse. It's an essential component of any anti-aging skincare regimen that works and can assist with a variety of skin issues, including dullness, dark spots, and discolorations. Of course, adding an additional glass or two of orange juice to your morning breakfast probably won't do anything for your skin. Vitamin C must be used regularly if you want to experience all of its aesthetic benefits.

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We have the best variety of vitamin C skin care products from top manufacturers to help you safely and successfully attain a more youthful appearance. Vitamin C delivers the powerful antioxidant protection you need to defend your skin from environmental and natural ageing effects.

What does Vitamin C products do to your skin?

Vitamin C plays a number of crucial roles in the skin. It helps shield the skin from UV radiation and offers antioxidant defence against harmful free radicals (though this protective effect is not enough to serve as a replacement for sunscreen). Vitamin C also contributes to the synthesis of various necessary substances and is associated with the suppleness of the skin. And that's only the start. We've listed a few of the major advantages of vitamin C for skin below.

Benefits of Organic Kitchen's Vitamin C Skincare Products

One of the greatest components for your skin is vitamin C. If you're considering include vitamin C products in your daily skincare regimen, have a look at the advantages of these products that are listed below.

  • Reduce Premature Aging Signs - As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps goods that contain it combat free radicals before they have a chance to build up. This helps shield the skin from harm, which in turn helps avoid the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, topical vitamin C solutions can aid in reducing the visibility of already-present wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Promotes Even Skin Tone - One of the most obvious indications of skin ageing, aside from wrinkles, is an uneven skin tone brought on by blemishes like age spots. Disruptions to the skin's normal melanin production, the pigment that gives skin its colour, are the cause of these discolorations. We advise including vitamin C in your regular skincare routine to help reduce the appearance of specific or generalised discolorations. This powerful component promotes brightness and evens out skin tone.
  • Defends Against Sun Damag - One of the best antioxidants for defending skin against free radical damage is vitamin C, which is widely recognised. Vitamin C supplements protect against damage incurred in daily life by neutralising free radicals (dangerous molecules that arise from things like UV radiation, pollution, alcohol, and cigarette smoke).
    Incorporating vitamin C skin care into your daily regimen will help protect your complexion from the damage caused by free radicals, which can result in premature ageing indications. In fact, applying serums or face creams containing vitamin C may increase the effectiveness of sunscreens, further shielding your skin from UV damage.
  • Boosts Skin Radiance - Your skin gradually loses essential nutrients associated to the moisture and suppleness of the skin as you get older, which causes your skin to become drier, less elastic, and duller-looking. The vitamin C is one such nutrient. Vitamin C has been shown in tests to contribute to the preservation of the skin's general moisture in addition to its antioxidant and wrinkle-fighting abilities. Utilizing Vitamin C skincare products can aid in preventing water loss from the skin, reducing dullness and promoting more youthful-looking skin.
  • Address Eye Area Concerns - As some of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the body, the skin around the eyes is particularly prone to ageing issues like wrinkles, lines, and discolorations. Vitamin C is exceedingly benign and can be utilised around the eyes to help treat these visual issues, unlike many of the more effective anti-aging compounds.

Choose the Right Vitamin C Skincare Product for your Skin from Organic Kitchen

  1. Vitamin C Sunscreen - Antioxidants found in The Organic Kitchen Vitamin C Glow and Protect Sunscreen Creme SPF 50 help to battle wrinkles and fine lines while delaying the onset of premature ageing. This vitamin C sunscreen protects skin from UV ray damage while maintaining an even skin tone and fending off the telltale signs of ageing. This vitamin C sunscreen with organically inspiration will give you a radiant, fresh glow.

  2. Vitamin C Sleeping Mask - With the intensely whitening Organic Kitchen Citrus Glow Vitamin C Sleeping Mask, your skin will be shining every morning. With turmeric root extracts and vitamin B5, this sleeping mask restores lost radiance and penetrates deep skin moisture while minimising ageing signs. It also contains a stable form of powerful antioxidants. The intensive hydration and improved skin texture provided by this vitamin C sleeping mask.

  3. Vitamin C Moisturizer - With vitamin C and hyaluronic acid included, the Organic Kitchen Triple C Revive + Glow Gel Moisturizer is a thin, quickly absorbing product. It increases collagen while brightening skin and reducing fine wrinkles. With the help of squalene, this vitamin C gel moisturiser balances sebum while drenching your skin with hydration. With a deep-hydrating vitamin C moisturizer, your skin will seem instantly more radiant and plumper.

  4. Vitamin C Eye Cream - Spending too much time in front of a screen or getting insufficient sleep may contribute to dark circles. The eye area's skin is calmed, soothed, and brightened by Organic Kitchen Banana Brightening Eye Cream, which is designed with banana extract, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The fatigued skin is hydrated and moisturized by this vitamin C eye care, which lessens redness, irritation, and dryness.

  5. Vitamin C Lip Mask - Lip pigmentation a problem? Try the Blueberry + Vitamin C Lip Sleeping Mask from Organic Kitchen. This cocoa and shea butter-infused vitamin C lip mask gently hydrates your lips, making them plumper and smoothing out fine wrinkles. If you wish to lessen pigmentation and lip darkening, you should definitely give this lip mask a try. By utilising the power of vitamin C, this unique lip mask illuminates and plumpifies the lips.

  6. Vitamin C Face Cleanser - The Organic Kitchen Vitamin C + Saffron Face Cleanser deeply nourishes your skin while battling the early signs of ageing. This vitamin C cleanser shields the face from oxidative damage and promotes collagen formation. Saffron, neem, and turmeric are used to improve the texture of the skin and give it a natural glow. With this hydrating anti-tan and radiance-boosting vitamin C face cleanser, you may achieve bright and luminous skin.

How to use Vitamin C Skincare Products?

The most preferable and desired type of vitamin C is found in vitamin C face serum. They often have the best delivery method and are made to be used prior to moisturiser.l
The majority of people prefer to use vitamin C during the day because of its antioxidant characteristics, which function as a shield to repel pollution and other environmental aggressors, even if it can be applied in the morning or the evening.

Applying vitamin C would be the next step, followed by moisturiser, unless you have oily skin and would rather use a serum alone.

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List of Organic Kitchen’s Best Vitamin C Skincare Products in India

List of Vitamin C Products


Vitamin C Glow and Protect Sunscreen Creme SPF 50

₹ 755.00

Citrus Glow Vitamin C Sleeping Mask

₹ 850.00

Banana Brightening Eye Cream

₹ 755.00

Blueberry + Vitamin C Lip Sleeping Mask

₹ 607.00

Vitamin C + Saffron Face Cleanser

₹ 378.00

Lychee Juice Retinol Night Cream

₹ 1,135.00

Turmeric Ginger Revive and Clarify Night Mask

₹ 850.00

Power Brightener Vitamin C Serum

₹ 926.00

Fresh Berries and Vitamin Nectar Night Mask

₹ 945.00

Triple C Revive + Glow Gel Moisturizer

₹ 926.00

Coffee Bean Under Eye Cream

₹ 755.00

Vitamin C & Turmeric Glow Recharge Face Oil

₹ 835.00

Pineapple Vitamin C Brightening Mask

₹ 721.00

Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream

₹ 1,135.00