Best Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

Best Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

Home remedies for hyperpigmentation are one of the safest ways to remove all the blemishes, and marks, spots & splotches. There are many other options like heavy-duty foundation which can help you to hide the pigmentation but their excessive use can lead to skin damage. So in this blog, we have covered some best natural home remedies for hyperpigmentation that are effective.

What causes Hyperpigmentation or How to cure hyperpigmentation

Melanin is formed in your skin during the pigmentation process and serves as a natural barrier against UVA and UVB rays. While preventing skin cancer, it also makes the skin darker. Additionally, each person's level of pigmentation is different. Your skin's epidermal layer, which includes unique melanin-producing cells, produces melanin. When you don't have any sunscreen, this is helpful.

Your face's pigmentation may not always be uniform, resulting in darker patches in particular areas, typically the forehead and the area around the lips. It is hyperpigmentation in this instance.

What Factors are Responsible for the Development of Hyperpigmentation?

As a common skin condition, black pigmentation on face plagues many of us. It is a mild condition that makes the skin of some areas darker than the surrounding skin. Some of the main factors which cause hyperpigmentation of the skin are mentioned below: 

  • The main reason behind pigmentation on  face in the skin is the production of excess melanin.
  • The increase in melanin production is caused by excess UVA and UVB exposure.
  • This skin condition can also be caused by Chemotherapy. Hence, people who are undergoing chemotherapy for curing their cancer may suffer from hyperpigmentation in their skin as a side effect.
  • Hyperpigmentation may also cause skin scars, acne marks, and skin blemishes.
  • Hyperpigmentation may also affect people who have a family history with it, due to genes.
  • Hormonal changes can also be one of the main reasons for pigmentation on face  in people, especially during their menopause or pregnancy.

How to Remove Pigmentation from Face Permanently at Home Naturally

Due to the dark brown spots and uneven skin tone caused by skin hyperpigmentation, your skin will appear lifeless and dull. As a result, there are several pricey procedures available on how to remove hyperpigmentation. Below are a few natural home  best treatment for pigmentation on face and dark spots on the skin that you should all attempt if you want to see results:
  • Apple Cider Vinega

  • Apple cider vinegar for dark spots, because it is a highly effective home hyperpigmentation treatment. This liquid's acidic composition results from the fermentation of apple juice during preparation. It has acetic acid, a naturally occurring bleaching agent. Because of this, many people believe it to be the most effective natural  hyperpigmentation treatment. Apple cider vinegar for hyperpigmentation is very useful or helps erase blemishes and stains from your face because of its acidic nature within just a few weeks.

    How to Apply Apple Cider Vinegar?

    One tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar should be combined. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the areas of your face with hyperpigmented skin. You can use it to cover your full face if you'd like. After 15 minutes, let the mixture sit before washing it off with cool water.

    Apply a solution made from a few drops of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of water on your excessively pigmented skin. Never keep it on for more than three minutes. For quicker outcomes, combine water and apple cider vinegar for dark spots.

  • Vitamin C
  • Benefits of using Vitamin C is a natural acid, which makes it a great home treatment for pigmentation on face. Your skin gets bleached without getting burned. Additionally, vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, prevents the formation of melatonin, making it an extremely powerful defense against sun-induced skin tanning.

    It also has strong antioxidant properties. This implies that when you apply it to your face, it will help grow new cells to replace the damaged ones while also repairing your existing ones. Your skin will be beautiful as your new cells take control.

    How to Use Vitamin C?

    Citrus fruits contain vitamin C. Therefore, you can use a few slices of an orange or a lemon to produce a face pack.

    Choose a fruit, squeeze off the juice, combine it with honey, and generously apply to the pigmented skin. After 15 minutes, rinse off.

    Apply a vitamin C face serum, such as Organic Kitchen Power Brightener C Serum, before night for speedier results.

  • Aloe vera

  • Aloe vera for pigmentation is a natural treatment for hyperpigmentation and has countless other advantages for your skin. Aloe vera contains a particular substance called "aloin," a depigmenting agent, which is why it may erase persistent stains. Even the darkest, most pigmentation skin can be lightened by it. Aloe vera can hasten the process of producing fresh cells to replace the aging and hyperpigmented ones.

    How to Apply Aloe Vera?

    Aloe vera gel can always be applied topically and massaged into the skin. These gels' light, moisturizer mix will not only get rid of hyperpigmentation but also calm your skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

    You can always remove the thick gel-like substance from the leaves of an aloe vera plant you have at home.

    Before going to bed, gently moisturize your face with aloe vera. Wash your face the following morning. Apply a gloss face pack to your skin immediately after for best results.

  • Onion
  • Because of the potent fragrance, applying onion to your skin might not be a good idea, but it is one of the finest natural remedies for pigmentation. Lots of Vitamin C can be found in onions, which can be used to get rid of age spots, balance out skin tone, and treat acne.

    Regular onion application can shield your skin from the sun's UV rays and stop hyperpigmentation from getting worse. Onions include antioxidants that guard against oxidative stress, which harms skin cells and causes hyperpigmentation of the face.

    How to use onions?

    Grate a tiny onion in your hand. You'll obtain something that resembles thick paste. Stir in a tiny bit of turmeric after adding it. Dot this mixture in various places on your face where there are dark skin patches. As a facemask, avoid using it because it will irritate your eyes. Before apply mask you need to use eye care protection.

  • Green Tea
  • You can't go wrong with green tea, and you may use it as one of the best at-home remedies for pigmentation if you want a complexion that's flawless. Catechins, a potent antioxidant, are what make green tea renowned. It eliminates the free radicals from your body that result in inflammation and cell damage and hyperpigmentation on the face.

    Green tea also helps your skin detoxify and increases blood flow to your facial skin. As a result, there will be fewer cases of acne and pimples, which are frequently the cause of hyperpigmentation.

    How to Apply Green Tea?

    Green tea is easy to make, but how on earth do you put it on your face? Green tea leaves should be soaked in cool water if you have some. Allow the leaves to soak and release their contents by waiting long enough. Use a cotton ball to apply the liquid to the hyperpigmented areas. After 15 minutes, rinse off with cool water.

    Green tea can also be prepared in the usual manner (in boiling water). Place the tea in the refrigerator after allowing it to cool. Apply the tea to your face once it has cooled.

    Another option is a green tea bag. After giving it a warm water rinse, store it. When the bag has cooled, rub it onto your skin.

  • Milk or curd

  • Milk and curd are both effective natural remedies for pigmentation. Lactic acid, a powerful natural bleaching agent, is present in them. Milk and curd will nourish your skin by improving the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your face, in addition to removing marks, scars, and dark patches. Vital fats included in milk and curd help to fill up your face and reduce the aging and sagging of your skin. So give it plenty of milk or curd for perfect skin free from hyperpigmentation and aging symptoms.

    How to Apply Milk and Curd?

    You can apply milk to a cotton ball before applying it to your face. Your face's skin will start to feel dry and flexible after a short while. Rinse your face with lukewarm water right now. Apply a cotton towel to dry. Since turmeric also clears the complexion, you may add a pinch to the milk.

    You can put curd on your face and smear it about. Additionally, you might add a dab of licorice powder to your curd face mask.

    Every day, use one of these two face packs. Applying a de-tanning lotion to finish off your skincare routine after washing off the face pack will complete it.

    Some of the Organic Kitchen Products with the Same Ingredients and Properties

    If you don’t have much to do with all the above-mentioned things, then you can try Organic Kitchen’s truly natural products with the same ingre dients and properties. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Citrus Glow Vitamin C Sleeping Mask - This vitamin C enriched overnight face mask helps in restoring lost ski glow while reducing aging signs. It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized while sleeping with comfort.
  • Vitamin C + Saffron Face Cleanser - With the power of vitamin C and saffron, this facial cleanser stimulates skin's collagen production and fights visible aging signs. It helps in digging out dirt away from your skin with proper moisturization and hydration.
  • Coffee Bean & Green Tea Overnight Mask - Give your skin a power boost of coffee and black tea with this overnight face mask. This sleeping mask stimulates blood flow and reduces dark spots while making it smooth and supple.

  • Conclusion

    Hyperpigmentation is more often an aesthetic issue than a medical one. Hyperpigmentation isn't something to be concerned about. It can happen to anyone. However, there are numerous ways to get rid of them. There are various pigmentation home treatments that might help lighten dark areas. You will see positive effects in a few months if you follow the guidelines religiously.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Home Remedies for Hyperpigmentation

    What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation?

    Turning to dermatological procedures will work as the fastest way to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion are all options that work similarly to rid skin of hyperpigmentation.

    What Removes Hyperpigmentation Naturally?

    Aloe vera contains aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown to lighten skin and work effectively as a nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment. 

    Can Hyperpigmentation be Cured Naturally?

    Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that can, however, make one self-conscious. The causes of hyperpigmentation can be external and internal. Some of the home remedies that can be used to manage hyperpigmentation include aloe vera gel, green tea, soy, rice water, turmeric and pomegranate.

    Which Fruits are Best for Hyperpigmentation?

    Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are high in vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and tannins. That blend of immune-boosting ingredients encourages collagen production and limits inflammation, which means better cell turnover and brighter skin.

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