Coffee Bean & Green Tea Overnight Mask

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    Awaken your skin while restoring moisture. Give your skin a power boost with our Coffee Bean & Green Tea Overnight Mask.  Antioxidants rich Coffee Beans help stimulate blood flow and reduce dark spots, while Hyaluronic Acid saturates the skin with moisture, making it smooth and supple. The antiaging goodness of Lychee gives your skin a youthful glow. 

    Use twice a week to: 

    • Thoroughly revitalizes and hydrates your dry skin
    • Absorbs deeply into the skin and creates a lovely gloss
    • Treats early acne signs and evens skin tone naturally

    Gives cells a burst of caffeine, for rejuvenated glowing skin

    Give your dull and tired skin a burst of brightness & hydration

    Good for

    Every skin type

    Feels like:

    Lightweight, gel-like, applies smoothly

    Smells like:

    Free from added fragrances

    Makes Skin feel:

    Energized, Soft, Supple

    Makes Skin Look:

    Glossy, Shinning, Hydrated


    Cruelty-free, Plant-based, Dermatologically tested

    Free from:

    Parabens, Sulphates & Harmful chemicals


    Calms Irritation





    Give skin a burst of hydration with age-defying properties

    Boost circulation in the skin, ensuring the diminishing of wrinkles and loose flesh with the goodness of caffeine and lychee extracts.

    • Revitalizes and hydrates dry skin with Blackberry leaf extract
    • Combat aging signs and reduce wrinkles with Hyaluronic acid
    • Reduces the acne scars and firms the skin naturally with Caffeine

    Coffee Beans


    Helps in the stimulation of blood flow while energizing the skin


    Control Excess Oil

    Control acne breakouts while minimizing the appearance of open pores

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Skin Hydration

    Holds onto moisture and makes skin plump & hydrated

    Look at all these benefits!

    • Anti-aging
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • De-puffing
    • Glow Boosting
    • Hydrating
    • Sunblock
    • Brightening
    • Refreshing
    • Deep Moisturizing
    • Cleansing
    • Nourishment
    • Brightening
    • Sunblock
    • Hydrating
    • Anti-aging
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • De-puffing
    • Glow Boosting
    • Hydrating
    • Sunblock
    • Brightening

    How to use

    How to use

    Step 1

    Apply a generous layer of this night mask on your clean and dry face

    Step 2

    Massage it gently into your skin until it absorbs completely

    Step 3

    Leave the mask on the face overnight