Honey Cinnamon Ultra Clarifying Cleanser

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    Honey Cinnamon Ultra-Clarifying Cleanser is specially formulated for acne-prone normal skin to minimize acne while maintaining the skin moisture balance. This is a hydrating cleanser crafted to remove dirt and impurities from the skin while fading wrinkles & fine lines. Made with a blend of pure extracts from honey, cinnamon, and niacinamide, the gentle cleanser hydrates and cleanses your skin at the same time.

    Use daily for best results: 

    • Restore the skin's natural balance and reduce excess sebum.
    • Improve look of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Retains skin moisture while enhancing natural repair process.

    Get Rid of Breakouts & Brightens your skin with Honey & Cinnamon

    Gently exfoliates the skin and encourages healthy cell turnover

    Good for

    Every skin type

    Feels like:

    Oil-free, Super Refreshing, Super Soft

    Smells like:

    Free from added fragrances

    Makes Skin feel:

    Smooth, Moisturized, Nourished


    Plant-Positive, Cruelty-free, Derma-tested

    Makes Skin Look:

    Acne-free, Radiant, Clear Skin

    Free from:

    Parabens, Sulphates & Harmful chemicals


    Deep Cleansing



    Skin Brightening

    Spot Removal

    Evens out skin tone with the goodness of all natural potents

    Get facial glow at home with the natural formulas infused in Honey Cinnamon Ultra-Clarifying Cleanser while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Reduce excess sebum with antiseptic lemon peel oil.
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines with natural plant extracts.
    • Attract and retain the skin moisture with Vitamin B5.


    Natural Exfoliator

    Takes off dry, dull skin and reveals new skin cells underneath



    Dries out the skin by supporting enhanced blood flow & reduces acne


    Deep Hydration

    Helps in skin regeneration while keeping the skin hydrated

    Look at all these benefits!

    • Refreshing
    • De-puffing
    • Glow Boosting
    • Hydrating
    • Sunblock
    • Brightening
    • Nourishment
    • Radiant Glow
    • Cleansing
    • Radiant Glow
    • Nourishment
    • Brightening
    • Hydrating
    • Glow Boosting
    • De-puffing
    • Cleansing
    • Radiant Glow
    • Brightening
    • Glow Boosting
    • De-puffing
    • Nourishment

    How to use

    How to use

    Step 1

    Take a little more than a pea-sized amount of cleanser into your palm.

    Step 2

    Simply apply directly to the face & massage gently with wet hands in a circular motion.

    Step 3

    Wash it off with water and pat dry.