Vitamin C Skin Whitening Sunscreen SPF 50

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    Have a fresh and luminous radiance with this organically inspired  Vitamin C Glow and Protect Sunscreen Creme SPF 50. This glow gel cream is enriched with antioxidants that help to prevent premature aging and fight wrinkles and fine lines while the freshly extracted Vanilla in it helps to minimize age spots and restore dry skin. 

    Use 15 minutes before going outside: 

    • Shields skin from damages caused by UV rays with even skin tone.
    • Give skin a deep moisturization while defying aging signs.
    • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation with a ultra-matte glow.

    A plant-potent and natural sun protection with luminous glow.

    Give your skin a 360 degree protection with tan removal sunscreen

    Good for:

    Every skin type

    Feels like:

    Soft, Smooth, Matte-look

    Smells like:

    Free from added fragrances.

    Makes Skin feel:

    Protected, Calm, Moisturized


    Plant-powered, Cruelty-free, Derma-tested

    Makes Skin Look:

    Even-toned, Luminous, Ultra-matte Glow

    Free from:

    Parabens, Sulphates & Harmful chemicals



    UV Protected

    Calm Irritation


    Brightens Skin

    Broad Spectrum & Long-lasting Vitamin C Sunscreen

    A lightweight, non-oily & matte finish sunscreen formulated with the goodness of Vitamin C, ginger root and camu camu, gives your skin a broad spectrum protection from harmful UV rays.

    • Shields skin from damage caused by sun with even skin tone.
    • Helps in brightening the skin while calming skin stressors.
    • Clear blemishes and reduce the appearance of fine line & wrinkles.

    Camu Camu

    Sun Protection

    Shields skin from pollution and cell stressors in day to day activities.

    Ginger Root


    Calms irritation and skin damage from environmental distress.

    Vitamin C


    Brightens skin and provides antioxidant protection.

    Look at all these benefits!

    • Refreshing
    • Deep Moisturizing
    • Cleansing
    • Nourishment
    • Brightening
    • Sunblock
    • Hydrating
    • Glow Boosting
    • De-puffing
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-aging
    • Refreshing
    • Deep Moisturizing
    • Cleansing
    • Nourishment
    • Brightening
    • Sunblock
    • Hydrating
    • Glow Boosting
    • De-puffing
    • Anti-inflammatory

    How to use

    How to use

    Step 1

    Squeeze out an adequate amount of sunscreen

    Step 2

    Gently massage it onto your face, neck, & other exposed area for complete absorption

    Step 3

    Use it 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun

    Shop for Best Skin Whitening Sunscreen with SPF 50

    Have you been seeking the ideal sunscreen that would not only shield your skin from UV rays but also leave it glowing and healthy-looking? We've got the ideal solution for you, though. Check out Organic Kitchen's Vitamin C Glow and Protect Sunscreen Cream with SPF50. Our skincare routine should include sunscreen.

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    Sunscreen is like a sip of coffee for your skin without it, you are not getting the most out of your day and will struggle to get through it comfortably. Vitamin C sunscreen spf 50 for the face is provided by Organic Kitchen and is a light, non-sticky cream with a variety of uses and advantages. Departing from there, let's dive right into it, shall we?

    What is an SPF 50 sunscreen?

    SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures how effectively a sunscreen can protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation. An SPF 50 sunscreen means that it provides a high level of protection against UVB rays, which are the primary cause of sunburn and contribute to skin cancer.

    In other words, when you use an SPF 50 sunscreen, it will take 50 times longer for your skin to burn than if you were not wearing any sunscreen at all. However, it's important to note that no sunscreen can provide 100% protection against the sun's rays, so it's still essential to practice other sun safety measures, such as seeking shade during peak sun hours, wearing protective clothing, and reapplying sunscreen every two hours or after swimming or sweating. Or you are going for vacation to Goa, you must have this Organic Kitchen Sunscreen for Goa in your bag to protect your skin from sun damage.

    Organic Kitchen Vitamin C Glow and Protect Sunscreen Creme SPF 50 shields your skin from the damages caused by UV rays while evening your skin tone. This is a plant-potent and suntan sunscreen that reduces dark spots and pigmentation with an ultra-matte glow and deep moisturization.

    Ingredients Infused in Our Vitamin C Sunscreen SPF 50

    Use Vitamin C skin whitening sunscreen from the Organic Kitchen to hydrate and protect your skin from sun damage. This Best vitamin c sunscreen gives your skin ample sun protection without leaving a white cast thanks to its SPF 50 and PA+++ ratings. The list of main compounds in our best vitamin c sunscreen SPF 50 is provided below, along with information on how well they function.

    • Zinc Oxide - Zinc oxide is a broad-spectrum component since it shields you from both UVA and UVB rays. It is one of the components in vitamin c sunscreen that is most effective and is well tolerated by people of all skin types and tones. It is entirely water-resistant and photostable.
    • Sesame Seed Oil - Even by itself, the sesame seed oil is regarded as one of the best vitamin c sunscreen. 30% of UV radiation can be filtered by it. The antioxidants in this oil also combat the free radicals that can harm the skin and cause problems like wrinkles, discoloration, and fine lines, among other things.
    • Ginger Root Extract - It actively kills bacteria on the surface of the skin thanks to its potent antibacterial characteristics. It is an important component of sunscreen since it can repair sun-damaged skin, increase antioxidant levels, and even out skin tone.
    • Camu Camu Fruit Extract - Camu Camu gives a dose of antioxidant protection against UV radiation when paired with a high SPF of 50. It delivers a strong dosage of antioxidant protection against UV rays while boosting immunity and battling inflammation because it is rich in vitamin V and other antioxidants.
    • Vitamin C - UV radiation exposure causes damage, while vitamin C reduces it. Because it does not absorb light in the UVA or UVB range, vitamin C is not a sunscreen. Instead, vitamin C's antioxidant function guards against free radical damage brought on by UV exposure.

    Reasons to love Our Skin Whitening Sunscreen

    The most cutting-edge product of its kind on the market is The Organic Kitchen Vitamin C Tan Removal Sunscreen SPF 50. This product contains the advantages of vitamin C in addition to having SPF 50 to protect your skin. It gives you an ultra-matte finish and feels exactly like a primer.

    Due to its propensity to be more efficient in scavenging free radicals produced by exposure to the sun, sunscreens containing vitamin C have been shown to offer good UVA protection. This goes beyond sunscreen. You receive 50 times more sun protection from the SPF 50 than your skin naturally produces. It reduces the likelihood that UVB rays may penetrate and harm your skin. This is the best protection you will ever have against the sun's virulent, harmful UV radiation.

    • SPF 50 & PA+++ Protection – Protect your skin at all times. With SPF 50 & PA+++, this suntan sunscreen gives complete protection against harmful UVA & UVB radiation. This sunscreen for Goa is perfect to shield your skin from the damages caused by sun during your vacations.
    • Brightens Skin – Say hello to luminous and evenly toned skin! This vitamin c sunscreen brightens skin and gives it a natural glow because it contains beneficial Vitamin C.
    • Revives Natural Glow – Maintain your cool and show off your beauty. This tan removal sunscreen prevents the tanning and gives your skin a radiant natural glow because it is loaded with turmeric.

    This vitamin c sunscreen SPF 50 is lightweight, non-oily, matte finish, and designed with the goodness of Vitamin C, Ginger root, and Camu Camu to protect your skin from UV damage and maintain an even skin tone. This is appropriate for all ages and skin types.

    Best Vitamin C Sunscreen for Men’s Oily Skin

    For most men, using sunscreen is hardly important. Though, that's a sad reality, the good news is that there's a lot more awareness now. Because after all, now that summer is finally here, over-exposure to the sun can make your skin dull, dark and cause problems over time. With all the excess production of sebum in the summer anyway, you don't want a river of oil on your face. However, fret not, you can use our sunscreen for men's oily skin to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    Advantages - Disadvantages of Mineral Sunscreen & Chemical Sunscreen



    Mineral Sunscreen

    Safer on sensitive skin as it does not absorb into your skin, so it is safer for sensitive skin.

    It can be more difficult to apply than chemical sunscreens.

    Provide more protection against both the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

    They create a physical barrier, they need to be applied generously and evenly in order to be effective.

    Non-comedogenic and safer for acne-prone skin.

    Can be thicker and heavier than chemical sunscreens, and may feel greasy on the skin.

    More convenient for daily use.

    Don’t absorb quickly, need to wait a few minutes before going into the sun.

    Physical Sunscreen

    Additional skin care ingredients such as peptides and enzymes in it helps in increasing the effectiveness of skin care.

    Potentially irritating to sensitive skin types if high SPF is associated.

    Easily absorbed into skin without leaving any white cast.

    Only effective for a few hours after being applied to the skin.

    In less number of uses it ensures the skin protection function.

    May cause an increase in existing brown spots and discoloration. 

    Thin and spreadable nature makes it ideal for everyday use.

    It can clog pores and be problematic for acne-prone skin.

    How to use Skin Whitening Sunscreen?

    Applying Organic Kitchen Skin Whitening Sunscreen correctly involves carefully following the methods listed below.

    Step 1: Continue your normal skincare routine with cleaning, exfoliating, and using a skin toner.

    Step 2: Squeeze out enough sunscreen.

    Step 3: To ensure complete absorption, gently massage it onto your face, neck, and any other exposed areas.

    Step 4: Apply it for 20 to 30 minutes before heading outside in the sun in step four.

    Step 5: To provide full protection, reapply every 6 hours.

    How To Choose Sunscreen For Indian Skin?

    Choosing the right sunscreen for Indian skin may be complicated but not impossible. Below we have mentioned some steps on how to choose sunscreen for Indian skin.

    Step 1: Generally, Indian skin tone falls in type 4 & 5 skin tone mostly, i.e., medium brown tone which burns hardly but tans easily and dark brown which really burns and tans quickly. Choose which type of skin tone is yours.

    Step 2: Select SPF 15-50 sunscreen, which are perfectly suitable for type 4 & 5 skin tones.

    Step 3: Don't need to apply it every 3-4 hours, as those who are going to use sunscreen in India are hardly going to face the sun for more than 3 hours.

    How To Remove Sunscreen From Your Face?

    If you're wondering how to remove facial sunscreen effectively, try the double cleansing technique where you use both an oil-based cleanser and water-based cleanser back to back:

    Step 1: Wash your hands to ensure you don't transfer any dirt or bacteria to your face.

    Step 2: Use an oil-based cleanser or pure cleansing facial oil on dry skin. You can substitute for a makeup remover or micellar water if desired. Gently apply the product onto the skin and rub it in with your fingertips. Massage the skin thoroughly to lift sunscreen. Rinse with water.

    Step 3: Follow up with a gentle facial cleanser. A water-based cleanser that lathers or foams will work beautifully. This will remove the sunscreen lifted by the previous step.

    Step 4: Rinse your skin and pat dry.

    Step 5: Follow up with a moisturizer to restore hydration and avoid drying out your skin.

    Things to Remember While Purchasing a Vitamin C Suntan Sunscreen

    When buying suntan sunscreen or other skin care products, people frequently fail to realize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare. In the current environment, we are regrettably regularly tempted to use skincare products by TV advertisements, internet advice, and people around us. There is no other way to tell if something works except to try it, thus we regularly test new items on our skin.

    Before buying tan removal sunscreen, consider the following five points:

    Check the SPF: While vitamin C can provide some protection against UV damage, it's not a substitute for sunscreen. Make sure the product has a sufficient SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

    Look for stable vitamin C derivatives: Vitamin C can be unstable and break down quickly when exposed to light and air, which can reduce its effectiveness. Look for sunscreens that use stable vitamin C derivatives, such as ascorbyl palmitate or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

    Consider your skin type: Some vitamin C sunscreen for men’s oily skin can be drying or irritating for certain skin types. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin, look for products that are formulated with moisturizing ingredients or are specifically designed for sensitive skin.

    Read the ingredient list: Make sure the product doesn't contain any ingredients you are allergic to or may cause a reaction to your skin. It's also important to avoid sunscreens that contain ingredients like oxybenzone, which can be harmful to coral reefs.

    Check the expiration date: Like all skincare products, vitamin C sunscreens have an expiration date so Make sure to check the date and avoid purchasing products that are close to or past their expiration date, as they may have reduced effectiveness.

    Check Out the Best Natural Skin Care Products Online at Organic Kitchen

    Organic Kitchen is an entirely natural, fruit-based skin care products manufacturer that is sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We provide a variety of products for eye care, lip care, Face Mask, Serum, Sunscreen, Moisturizers and Face oils. Simply visit our website and place an order to make any transaction. Also, you can buy us from Amazon and Nykaa. Our line of rejuvenating skin care products also includes moisturizers, under-eye creams, sunscreens, lip masks, and sleeping masks.


    Does Vitamin C make sunscreen more effective?
    Yes. When used in combination with UVB sunscreen, vitamin C can provide further protection against acute UVB damage (sunburn cell development). Sunscreen spf 50 with vitamin C is more effective than normal sunscreen alone at reducing free radical damage.
    Does sunscreen brighten skin tone?
    Using skin whitening sunscreen on your face will help stop the development of new pigmentation, melasma, and dark spots as well as the aggravation of hyperpigmentation that already exists. Illuminating pigmented regions already on your skin can also aid in brightening your skin tone.
    Can we use sunscreen directly on the skin?
    Sunscreen should be applied directly to the skin for optimum protection. To ensure that the sunscreen sticks correctly, wash with your preferred facial cleanser to get rid of any oil and makeup that may have been present. Pat your skin dry after that. Make sure to generously apply sunscreen.
    Can we apply sunscreen in winter?
    Yes! The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays continue to tear down your skin cells at a higher pace regardless of the season, resulting in a condition known as photoaging, even if they may not feel as warm or powerful on your skin during the winter.
    Can we apply sunscreen without moisturizer?
    No, it is not necessary to put on moisturizer before sunscreen, however, you really should if you care about the over health of your skin and keeping signs of aging at bay. Layering sunscreen on after your moisturizer will help block out any harsh rays.